Our mother land made us to do this

What we do at BLUESKETCH to keep this earth healthy 
The journey to making better things in a better way is a long one, and we’re just getting started. And we won't just stop here, the journey will goes on and one..
Our Materials 
We are always carefully sourcing around the world looking for the most suitable fabric for your daily fitness actives- fabrics that support you also harmless to both you and the earth. At BLUESKETCH®we would only works with like-minded manufacturers and suppliers who are as conscious and passionate about sustainability as us.

Currently, we are working with ECONYL® - an Italian supplier that offers 100% regenerated nylon fiber that is recycled from made from nylon waste. Garments made from such a fiber not only look amazing but are super safe and comfortable to wear too. Most of our Nylon based Men's wear are made from ECONYL®. 

REPREVE® is another close partner of us. They are 100% recycled materials, including bottles; They are traceable transparent and certifiable with U TRUST; Also it won’t lose any technology to optimize the fabric performance. Majorities of women's fitness bra are made from REPREVE® yarns.  
Natural Dyes
Dyeing is one of the most critical aspects of garment production. We absolutely love the original color of the nature, not only because it is beautiful, but it is safe and humble. When applying natural dyes on the garments, it can save up to 70% of water compare to normal dying methods. Natural dye is also super safe to your skin, and comes with natural SPF.  
At Bluesketch, we work with IndiDye® - a fantastic brand that offers plant-based and 100% natural dyes. Thus, all our cotton based vibrant clothes are free from chemical colors and are completely safe to wear. Not only safe for you, but your beloved around you.  
Our Manufactures 
Almost all our manufacturers are BSCI and ISO-certified; Because we want to be accountable to your skin and health, we fully acknowledged activewear would be close to your skin would be very important that they are save to wear for your daily life. 
Some of our manufacturers are not certified, because we purposely choose to support some of local small businesses. We met so many small factories owners who are capable to make high quality garments but struggle to survive due to the competitive industry. And also they live in the village for their whole life lone, so they don't have the knowledge of how to apply for the certifications. 
At BLUESKETCH, we want to share more rather than constantly taking, so we would always love to support small business alone the way. Remember we are all started from a "SKETCH". 
Read more about sustainability in China. 
Our packaging
Shipping packaging can be one of the major waste in online shopping. So we are here to do as much as we can to reduce the unnecessary wastes. 
Our shipping boxes were consciously made FSC certified cardboard, from a mix of both recycled and virgin fibers.
We encourage recycling and reusing our boxes. Since we have concentrated to make our boxes as durable as possible they are perfect for reusing for example for storing things.

Our garments are delivered in cute and sustainable tote bags that people can easily reuse, bring them to the gym for your shoes or towels; Or to organize your suitcase when travel? Tag us on our Instagrams, we would love to see your creativities. 

We would also pack the box with biodegradable packaging to deliver our products sometimes for safety reasons, as we did experience the box damage and items missing. However, We're working hard to minimize the quantity of packaging and evaluate the need for certain components which at first we believed were essential to maintain the integrity and safety of your BLUESKETCH garments while storing and transporting. Now there are more and more innovative tactics to guarantee your BLUESKETCH garments are safe and sound while arriving at you and we can't wait to implement the new packaging, stay tuned!
The bottom Line
At Bluesketch, we understand the importance of using sustainable methods for producing clothes. We take our responsibility towards Mother Nature seriously and ensure to not take any conscious action that harms the planet.
Due to the nature of the industry, 100% sustainability is not possible for us yet. But we are working hard every day to ensure the well-being of our plant. The work is in progress; one day, Bluesketch will definitely emerge as a 100% sustainable clothing brand.