Hello. 你好

  • Hi there

    I'm Yuying, the founder of BLUESKETCH®. It's a pleasure to meet you here.

    I was born in 1990 and have had the privilege of living in England and Australia for a significant part of my life. This has allowed me to immerse myself in diverse cultures and create incredible memories. Sailing, surfing, and hitting the gym have become my personal havens, where I find solace and pure happiness. Before starting BLUESKETCH®, I worked in investment banking. However, starting this venture turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's been an incredible journey for me so far.

  • I am a Christian, A follower of Jesus. Christianity holds a special place in my heart. I truly believe that I wouldn't be who I am today without God's mercy, unconditional love. I see BLUESKETCH® as part of my journey to strengthen my relationship with God. Regardless of the success or failure we encounter, His love for me and my identity in Him will never waver. Thus, Christianity is at the very core of BLUESKETCH®, shaping our foundation and core values.

    Another reason I started BLUESKETCH® was because I love traveling. I have traveled to around 15 countries, and each one has left an indelible mark on my soul. Despite all the incredible experiences, my heart remains deeply connected to my beloved homeland-China. It was during this time that a magical idea started to take shape — I longed to showcase the wonders of my country and its rich culture, shine a spotlight on the incredible people who call it home, and celebrate our vibrant and talented young generation.

    I have a deep love for the ocean and sailing, as it allows me to explore the world. Sailing is like a mini-life where you experience storms but also witness rainbows, where you go through darkness but know that light is on its way! Running BLUESKETCH® feels similar. We are currently facing struggles, but just like a sailing journey- even the storm is strong, even the night is so dark but we know they are all temporary, the hopes are never too far away!

    So also because of my love for the ocean, nature, and traveling , sustainability is another core value for BLUESKETCH®. So at BLUESKETCH® we would only using the "right" materials, and also we have made it our mission to clean up its ocean and landfill and incorporate recycled fabrics whenever possible.

    Thank you for being here with us. and thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that whatever your fitness journey entails, whether it's sailing, surfing, running marathons, cycling, hiking, or CrossFit, bodybuilding, BLUESKETCH® can be a part of it.

    Thanks for dropping by,

    With Love