We Have missions

To stop senseless waste and pollutions

Our planet is a phenomenal creatuer, every inch of the land deserve its respect. So at BLUESKETCH, we never compromise, no matter how long it takes, no matter the restraints, until we truly believe we have produced the RIGHT products- performance and sustinable.
Every decision we make symbolizes our commitment to making a difference to our Planet. To help recycle waste and prevent pollution, supporting and uniting a movement for change.
At BLUESKETCH, our purpose is to create premium fitness products, without having to use new resources, by using the existing and supporting a movement to clear waste from our Oceans and our Planet.
We understand our responsibility in producing ground breaking products, Not only just needlessly expanding our range, but to adhering to a strict policy of only ever using recycled fabrics, plant dyes, biodegradable or compostable packaging. The list will be continue building up, we are working hard everyday to make our products 100% eco-friendly. We invite you to join our journey- to choose right, and to live right.

To tell you "Made in China" can also be cool.

It might sound funny to some of you, but as a Chinese founded business, it is heartbreaking for us every time we hear people misunderstand our products- “made in China is cheap quality; made in China is copied; made in China means sacrificing the environment.” As a challenge to this claim, we hope Bluesketch® can change your mind. We want to tear down the stereotypical labels on us, to show you the beautiful side of our businesses, our country, and our people. There are so many people here who love the Earth. There
are so many accountable factories here; there are responsible business owners in this country and MADE IN CHINA is not all about pollution or being fast. We want you to trust us, giving "made in China" a new meaning.

To support Small Business and Individuals

We are very cautious and diligent when choosing our partners. Of course we hear stories along the way while finding our partners, but there are many small businesses in rural China that are struggling to survive and provide jobs and a source of income for families.

We met a young and promising man from He’nan province who owns a small 200 square meter manufacturing workshop in Dongguan area of Guangdong province, which they do the only "tail works" (putting on hand tags, packing, trimming of unwonted threads, ironing and the lakes)for brands. They are longing for business as the young owner still needs pay for his family bills and provide his workers with a liveable wage.

He is aware that his business is small and of course won't be able to meet the high Global standards at this moment in time. But he knows the importance of them, and he handles every piece of clothing with care. He aims to one-day have his manufacturing company being strong and large enough in order to meet the standards.

 As a business owner ourselves, we understand how we wish we could make our business perfect overnight! Anyone in the same position understands it takes time and financial backing as well as a lot of learning, resilience and learning from our setbacks. At the end of the day, we all need each other if we are to progress and make positive changes as a business and as individuals.

We aim to make these changes from the ground up with the small businesses opposed to going to larger manufacturers and businesses to ensure we look after our local communities.