About Us


BLUESKETCH was born in 2021 by Yuying herself. Yuying is a Chinese native who lived in England for ten years, and for two years in Australia. She traveled the world, but always had a heart for her motherland and its culture. She is also a former bikini competitor with six years of investment banking experience. But in her heart, she always wanted to humbly create something to showcase to the world that "Made in China" can have different meanings. And so, BLUESKETCH was born.

Being as sustainable as possible with our products is planted deep in our hearts. We understand sustainability means more than the materials sourced and used. It’s embedded in our business practices to look after our employees, our business partners’ employees, and to give back to the communities we all live in.
We all started as a SKETCH—an outline of who we are, and the world and people around us have enriched us and given us color. We all deserve to enjoy and appreciate that while also holding the responsibility to care for the world for future generations.
We believe we should be grateful for what we have, we should care for it, and shape our futures with our own hands. We are BLUESKETCH.

BLUESKETCH is still a toddler, still learning how to stand strong on our own feet. We hope to share this journey with you and grow with you. We also hope we can support your fitness journey, whether you are running on the treadmill, crashing the weights, or doing handstands on the beach. We hope we can always be by your side- to accompany you, hug you, and cheer for you.

Thanks for dropping by, love you all. 


Our vision is to deliver premium activewear that is especially tailored to comfortably hug your body and move how you move. Meanwhile we're passionately conscious of our practices to sustain our communities and planet.

At the heart of it, we all gain and sustain.



More than the source of raw materials, our daily clothes become free from harmful substances that can affect the environment and humans.
naturally Fits you
Our products have been craftfully tailored to accommodate amateur and pro-athlete's bodies alike, we are here to deliver a unique, comfortable and high performance fit.
Recycled materials never mean to sacrifice the comfy and the technology. Quality is of great essence. So, we ensure that you gain value for every dime you spend. 
Health is affected by everyday lifestyle. Clothes can brighten up your day and bring you happiness. We believe you are not only needed to be eat healthy, but wear healthy. 

Mother Nature is our muse. Building on her handiwork, read more from the box below about our mission and inner side of us

Our Mission
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