Dose Sustainability really matter?

Simple answer is-We don't know yet either, maybe after 50 years or longer, we would know whether what we are doing works? But we are here to find out, because we know to mass produce virgin material IS harmful to the earth. We hope you can join our journey to learn, to discover, to work it out together with us. 

How Can Sustainable Fashion Benefit the Earth?

Sustainability has become one of the most discussed topics of the present day. With so many concerning issues like climate change, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, plastic pollution, etc., it is natural to wonder about measures that could save our planet. And sustainability is emerging as the most promising option right now.
According to a report published by the New Climate Economy project, humans could save up to US$26 trillion by 2030 if they start adopting eco-friendly habits and living sustainably.
Due to its visible benefits, many industries are adopting sustainable business practices. The fashion industry is one of them!
The fashion industry has been one of the top most pollution-causing industries in the world. However, things are changing for the better now. Fashion brands are understanding their responsibility and are moving toward creating sustainable clothing and accessories through processes that are not harmful to the Earth.

In a nutshell, sustainable fashion is about creating eco-friendly products that look attractive and do not leave a negative environmental footprint.
By creating sustainable activewear and other pieces of clothing, sustainable fashion brands are trying to maintain their revenues while doing right by the Earth.
Let’s have a quick look at how sustainable clothing can benefit the Earth:

Photo: Xiamen, China 
It Reduces the Carbon Footprint. 
It is common knowledge that the fashion industry releases a hefty amount of toxic gasses into the atmosphere every year. However, sustainability helps in getting rid of this issue quite effectively.
Sustainable activewear and other clothing items are usually made from recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics like linen and organic cotton. Such fabrics require less water and little to no chemicals and fertilizers to be grown. So, clothes made from such materials are easy on the Earth and go a long way in reducing the business’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable Fashion Helps in Saving Water. 
Due to rampant pollution and climate change, our oceans and marine life are severely suffering. And so, one of the biggest mottos of sustainability is to save the ocean.
Did you know it takes almost 2,700 liters of water to produce just one cotton t-shirt? Yes, you read it right! So, you can only imagine the amount of water the clothing industry uses (and sometimes wastes) every day.

Photo: Qinghai, China
Photo: Chongqing, China
It is Healthier for Both the People and the Earth. 
Finally, sustainable activewear and clothing are a much healthier alternative for both the wearers and the planet. Generally, over 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used in the process of dyeing and bleaching clothes.
Such toxic chemicals are not only harmful to the plant and the farmers, but they can also cause various kinds of skin-related infections to the wearer.
Sustainable clothing is usually free from most such chemicals. Natural and plant-based dyes are used in the production of eco-friendly garments, thereby making them safer for both the people who produce and wear them and for the planet.

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